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Summer Opportunities

Summer Camp 2018

CSA is a day camp that offers students the opportunity to engage in challenging academic work in the company of peers who share their exceptional abilities and love of learning. While the focus is on rigorous academics and learning, the social experience that results from bringing these students together is an integral part of the program. Interested parties should click on the following link.

Career Opportunities

IT Architecture

Director, Architecture

$157,057 (mean)

$155,000 (median)

Director, Application Systems Architecture         

$122,509 (mean)

$115,000 (median)

Manager, Applications Systems Architecture      

$109,725 (mean)

$116,000 (median)

Sr. Applications Systems Architect          

$112,170 (mean)

$110,500 (median)

Application Systems Architect   

$96,253 (mean)

$91,000 (median)

Information Architect   

$99,095 (mean)

$98,800 (median)

Sr. Data Architect          

$90,132 (mean)

$82,500 (median)

Data Architect  

$90,481 (mean)

$98,010 (median)

Enterprise Architect      

$115,978 (mean)

$110,000 (median)

IT Security

VP/Director, Information Security          

$141,124 (mean)

$135,000 (median)

Manager, Information Security 

$113,970 (mean)

$113,214 (median)

Security Architect          

$122,237 (mean)

$116,500 (median)

Information Security Analyst (Jr. or Sr.)  

$87,942 (mean)

$87,000 (median)

Sr. Security Administrator          

$102,190 (mean)

$99,840 (median)

Security Administrator 

$76,709 (mean)

$73,000 (median)

IT Risk and Compliance Manager            

$110,660 (mean)

$110,011 (median)

Data Security Specialist (Jr. or Sr.)           

$77,645 (mean)

$72,000 (median)

Network Operation

Director (Senior Manager)        

$91,339 (mean)

$85,000 (median)


$84,072 (mean)

$80,000 (median)

Sr. Network Technician

$77,895 (mean)

$80,000 (median)

Network Technician      

$60,306 (mean)

$56,000 (median)

Sr. Network Administrator (LAN, WAN) 

$83,193 (mean)

$80,000 (median)

Network Administrator (LAN, WAN)       

$63,328 (mean)

$60,500 (median)

Source: Computer World Magazine, 2016.