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Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) Certificates

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Bowie State University (BSU) has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

As such, the department can award the following two types of certificates to qualified BSU undergraduate students who have earned a grade of C or better in each course: (1) a Core Knowledge Units Certificate to students who have successfully finished 6 mandatory Knowledge Unit requirements, including Database, Network Defense, Network Technology and Protocols, Operating Systems Concepts, Probability and Statistics, and Programming. (2) a Focus Area Certificate that requires not only the above mentioned 6 mandatory Knowledge Unit requirements, but also at least 5 of the following optional Knowledge Units: Advanced Cryptography, Algorithms, Database Management Systems, Data Structures, Embedded Systems, Independent/Directed Study and Research, Intrusion Detection, Operating System Hardening, Operating System Theory, and System Programming.

Both Computer Science (COSC) and *Computer Technology (CTEC) students are eligible for the certificates after successful completion of the required courses.   *CTEC students must go to the new Department of Technology & Security for their certificate.

I. Core Knowledge Units Certificate, requires taking at least one course from each area below.

Database: COSC 420, CTEC 226, or CTEC 300

Network Defense: COSC 345, COSC 352, COSC 402, CTEC 345, CTEC 350, or CTEC 402

Network Technology and Protocols: COSC 345, COSC 485 or CTEC 335

Operating Systems Concepts: COSC 330, COSC 414, COSC 430 or CTEC 222

Probability and Statistics: MATH 155 (formerly MATH 240)

Programming: COSC 112, COSC 214, COSC 254, COSC 330 or COSC 430.


II. Focus Area Certificate requires eligibility for the Core Knowledge Units Certificate and one course from at least 5 of the following Optional Knowledge Units. For the Optional Knowledge Units;

Advanced Cryptography: COSC 445 or CTEC 445

Algorithms: COSC 428

Database Management Systems: COSC 420 or CTEC 226

Data Structures:  COSC 214

Embedded Systems:  COSC 454

Independent/Directed Study/Research: COSC 495 or CTEC 495

Intrusion Detection: COSC 352 or CTEC 350

Operating System Hardening: COSC 345, COSC 402, CTEC 345 or CTEC 402

Operating System Theory: COSC 414 or CTEC 222

System Programming: COSC 330 or COSC 430