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Theatre Arts Courses

* Please meet with an adviser before registering for courses, and follow all prerequisites.

THEA 101-102, 201-202, 301-302, 401-402 PLAY PRODUCTION (2 credits each)
Class and Lab. Students will be expected to work on all departmental drama productions. This will involve participation in at least one of the many areas in play production, including design, acting, stage managing, and construction. This course is structured to give any interested student a chance to join in the task of producing a theatrical presentation.

THEA 100 ACTING (For NON-MAJORS) (3 credits)
Acting for non-majors provides you with the tools you need to command the world's stage. Whether you are a student presenting your thesis, or an attorney trying to convince a skeptical jury, you're acting. The secret of your success lies in having the appropriate knowledge and skills for professional presentation and persuasion. This course is an introduction to the techniques required to be effective in communication with others. It also teaches an appreciation for this art form.

An introductory course to the areas of technical theatre. Special emphasis on the language, equipment, duties, and vocational opportunities.

A rapid presentation of the types of theatres, plays, and audiences from the Greeks to the present day. Required of all majors and minors.

This course is designed to emphasize the ability of the beginning actor to respond to the fundamentals and techniques of acting.

THEA 107 STAGE MOVEMENT (2 credits each)
Beginning Stage Movement will introduce the novice performer to the importance of understanding the movement capabilities inherent in one's body. Presented in a studio environment, the course will focus on developing correct body alignment, core strength, flexibility, efficiency of motion, and coordination. Students will be able to relate the coursework, which will include exercises in Pilates, Yoga, Alexander Technique, and beginning dance vocabulary, to the movements performed in a stage production.

THEA 110 PILATES FITNESS (3 credits)
Pilates Fitness course is designed for the student wishing to tone, strengthen, and lengthen his/her body through challenging exercises in a studio environment. Pilates exercises will develop core/abdominal strength, promoting correct body alignment and posture. Yoga postures will increase flexibility and strength within the entire body. Students will be given the opportunity to understand the importance of physical fitness for performance and for everyday life.

This course will include an introduction to basic movement and skills in various modern dance styles. Students will also utilize the combined elements of modern dance technique: body alignment, strength, efficiency of motion, musicality, and dance vocabulary.

THEA 200 DANCE HISTORY (3 credits)
This course of study of dance as a form of communication and as an art form. Students will be given a survey of the theories and styles of dance and their development through history.

Students will be introduced to traditional ballet and center work with an emphasis on body alignment, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Students will gain knowledge of ballet terminology and a critical awareness of ballet as a dance art form.

THEA 206 SCENE STUDY (3 credits)
The art of acting in scenes will be the focus. Emphasis will be places on assimilation of rehearsal and performance techniques. Ensemble acting will be developed through scene study with two or more participants. Introduction of on camera techniques will be included.

Students will be given the opportunity to develop their vocal instruments for the various singing styles incorporated in performance, including, stage projection, microphone techniques, ballads, up-tempo, and recording techniques.

The history of Broadway musicals will be studied and the students will be given coaching and instruction in order to develop a familiarity with "standards" of the theatre. This course is primarily for students whose skills include vocal performance.

THEA 221-222 STAGECRAFT I AND II (3 credits each)
Development and construction of scenic units, use of tools, stage equipment, and materials. Techniques and conventions of modern technical theater.

THEA 231-232 HISTORY OF THE THEATER I AND II (3 credits each)
Dramatic literature and theory from the Greeks to the present are read and analyzed. The physical theatre and culture of the period are also touched upon as they affect the theatre of each period. First semester covers the periods of theatre from Greek to the mid-18th century. Second semester covers the development of realism and naturalism from Ibsen to the present. Required of majors.

The student gains experience with sound reproduction equipment such as tape recorders, record players, various kinds of speakers, amplifiers, and mixers for application in theatre.  Students also gain recording skills to create sound tracks and sound effects used in theatrical productions. Class and Lab.

THEA 250 MODERN DANCE (3 credits)
This course will include an introduction to basic movement and skills in various modern dance styles. Artists who have made an historical impact on the diverse American modern dance form will be presented and studied in the dance technique course. Students will also utilize the combination elements of modern dance technique: body alignment, strength, efficiency of motion, musicality, and dance vocabulary.

This course will teach the fundamentals principles of movement through the stylized technique of jazz dance. The basic exercises and steps used in jazz will be taught during each class period consisting of a warm-up, movement patterns across the floor, and jazz combinations. A critical awareness of jazz dance movement will be achieved through attendance of dance performances and reflecting on one's progress through the course. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in performances on the Bowie State University campus.

This course will develop the ability and understanding of tap movement techniques, which will increase strength, endurance, coordination, muscle memory, balance, locomotive skills, body alignment, posture, and rhythmic sensitivity.

Techniques and conventions commonly in use for staging the production, planning, rehearsals, coordinating, technical requirements, and professional standards per AEA rule book. Class and Lab.

A method of analyzing total play will be dealt with in addition to a detailed method of individual character analysis. This individual character analysis will deal with the psychological motivations of character as well as methods an actor uses to physicalize this psychological motivation.

THEA 300 CHOREOGRAPHY I (3 credits)
Students will learn the basic principles of dance composition; space, time, dynamics, and movement invention. Students will then examine how to use these principles to produce dance choreography. The elements of choreography; theme, development, repetition, transition, contrast, and continuity will be emphasized in reference to structuring a dance work. Students will also study abstraction, choreographic styles, and the relationship of music to choreography, theatrical, and performances elements. Choreography I will emphasize solo and duet work. Informal showings will present the students' work and a development of critical awareness will be achieved.

THEA 304 CHILDREN'S THEATER (Fall, Spring) (3 credits)
Various techniques used in producing children's theater with adult actors; experience in scene design, lighting, costuming, acting, directing, and promotion; class work plus participation in at least one production of a full-length play.

THEA 305 ACTING II (Intermediate Acting) (3 credits)
Creative techniques in scene study from representative plays of the past and present.

THEA 306 ACTING III(Advanced Acting)  (3 credits)
This course is designed to emphasize the styles of acting. Special emphasize on acting in Greek, Shakespearean, and Restoration plays.

THEA 307 CREATIVE DRAMATICS (Spring Only) (3 credits)
Materials, techniques, and procedures for conducting sessions in informed drama with emphasis upon its contribution to the total growth and development of the child. Includes lectures, observations, and student participation.

This course is an introductory survey of the roots, purposes, and contemporary manifestations of theatre arts and drama reflecting the African American experience. Emphasis will be placed on the reading, analysis, and discussion of representative African American play, productions, periods, and relevant artists from 1847 through 1970. (No prerequisites).

THEA 322-323 COSTUME DESIGN (2 credits each)
The study of historical costumes, their function, and effort involved in costuming. Construction design and pattern design and a comprehensive study of costume history in important eras. Class and Lab.

THEA 331 STAGE LIGHTING (Spring Only) (3 credits)
A beginning lab course in stage lighting that emphasizes the practical aspects of lighting a production. Students learn through exposure to, and working with, the variety of equipment available to meet the lighting demands of any play. In addition, there are discussions on electricity, design, color, and special effects. Finally, students receive actual experiences as lighting technicians, while operating the equipment and lights for the departmental productions.

THEA 341 STAGE MAKE-UP (Spring Only) (3 credits)
The principles of stage film and television make-up; use of materials, wigs, beards and masks, and prosthetics, will be practiced. Practical application of all types will be employed to ensure understanding.

Designed to study the tools of theatre management and producing, box office, price and percentages, publicity, pro-motion, and production costs, and dealing with publishers and agencies. Regional theatre problems are analyzed. Class and Lab.

This is a "Business of the Theatre" course with an emphasis on developing and organizing the entire community theatre. Laboratory includes use of the adults in the community.

This course explores, in-depth, the technical problems of mounting a production. Emphasis will be placed on the exploration and use of various materials and methods of stagecraft and lighting. Productions currently being presented at the University will serve as the sources for study. Lab hours, to be arranged, will be required in order to apply techniques and theories discussed in class, as well as to provide additional experience in the areas of stagecraft and lighting.

This course is designed to give the student the opportunity to learn, rehearse, and perform dance works either choreographed by the company director or by a student member. The student will be challenged to bring the choreographer's vision to life through his/ her dancing. Knowledge of dance technique and performance skills will assist the student. Students will also develop a critical awareness through viewing professional dance company performances.

THEA 405 SEMINAR IN ACTING (3 credits)
Current trends in the theatre today; problems and achievements, including off-Broadway and the theatre as a document of our present society.

THEA 406 MUSICAL THEATRE (3 credits)
Special projects for senior level students may include development of an individual or group act or area of specialization.

THEA 407 PLAY DIRECTING I (3 credits)
Seminar and laboratory in directing plays and an analysis of skill and role of the director. Script analysis, casting, staging, space, composition, movement, picturization, rhythm and tempo of actors, and scripts. Special emphasis on directing the one act play.

THEA 408 PLAY DIRECTING II (3 credits)
An advanced directing course designed for period plays, musicals, full-length shows, and elective work. A full hour's directorial work must be staged by each student.

THEA 409 HIP HOP THEATRE (3 credits)
Prerequisite(s): NON-MAJORS: THEA 105, ENGL 102 THEATRE MAJORS: THEA 363
A interdisciplinary course that incorporates workshop, lecture and studio into the creation of plays that integrate the elements of Hip Hop (Mc- ing, Dj-ing, Graffitti, and Hip Hop dance/movement with traditional theatre techniques (acting, playwriting, directing). Students will also learn about the history of Hip Hop Theatre.

THEA 420 CHOREOGRAPHY II 3 (3 credits)
This course is designed for the aspiring choreographer to continue his/her studies, learning about the theoretical and creative aspects of choreography for small groups. Principles of dance composition and the elements of choreography will be reviewed and expanded upon by the student. Production of the student's work will be required.

THEA 421-422 PLAYWRITING (3 credits each)
Principles of playwriting are taught through practices. Development of techniques required for dramatic scripts, include original writing and adaptations with emphasis on play construction, character development, dialogue, and mood. Students will work with acting and directing classes to study the "payability" of their scripts.

THEA 431-432 SCENE WORKSHOPS (3 credits each)
This workshop is designed to give seniors experiences in acting, dance, and technical theatre. Plays, cutting, dance chamber, and reader's theatre productions will be prepared outside of class and presented before audience for constructive criticism. Class and Lab.

THEA 441 SCENE DESIGN (3 credits)
Preparation of sketches based on the principle styles and periods in the theatre; balance, composition, color, and unity of stage settings as applied to a script. Study and practice through the use of various techniques and media stressing line, mass, color, lighting, and form. Prerequisite: Stagecraft, Lighting, Technical Production. Recommended: ART 101 Design, and ART 102-103 Drawing.

THEA 461-462 SENIOR SEMINAR I & II (2 credits each)
Advanced individual study for the theatre major in a specialized, concentrated production project. Consent of the instructor and Department Chairman is necessary. Major only.