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The BSU Artist Guild is a student-based visual arts organization within the DFPA, here at Bowie State University. The purposes of this organization are:

  • To raise and maintain a high standard of quality of visual arts and design on campus and in the community.
  • To gain a greater insight and perspective about the production and teaching of art/design and contemporary concepts in the art world.
  • To engage in service projects such as exhibitions, field trips, speakers, guest artists, workshops and more.
  • To promote a career both in the visual arts including and not limited to, fine arts, design, visual communication, new media, film/video production, animation and art education
  • To provide a smooth transition from visual arts, visual communication, new media and art education preparation to professional practice.

Artist Guild Constitution 

President: Mia Joseph
Vice President : Mecca Bryant
Secretary : Steven Johnson II
Treasure: Kai DeBerry
Publicity Chairman: Antonio Garcia
Sergeant At Arms: Jordan King
Artist Guild King : Josiah Fletcher
Artist Guild Queen: Kai DeBerry

Artist Guild on Twitter:

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