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Undergraduate Programs


The Department of English and Modern Languages offers several major and minor track programs for our undergraduate students. These programs were developed to meet the needs and interests of our student scholars as well as adequately prepare them for life after graduation.

To learn more about the course requirements for a specific track, please follow one of the links below. 


Major Tracks     


Minor Tracks


To receive a BA or a BS degree in English, students must successfully complete 120 semester hours. Entering students must officially declare English as a major, and students who change their major after having begun matriculation at the University must submit a Declaration of Program Form. Additionally, all students seeking teacher certification via the BS degree will have to apply for admission into the teacher education program in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development.All students who declare English as a major will be evaluated (1) after the completion of Introduction to Literature (ENGL 236), the introductory course to the major, and (2) periodically at the end of each semester.

Students who pursue a major or a minor in English must earn a grade of C or above in all English language and literature courses, and all students taking English 100, 101, or 102 and Reading 100 or 101 must earn a C or higher. Additionally, all students who minor in a foreign language sequence or who take foreign language courses to meet discipline requirements must earn a grade of C or higher in each course.

Special Requirements

All English majors must:

  • Pass the Bowie State University English Proficiency Examination immediately after completing ENGL102, Composition, and Literature II. Transfer students should take the English Proficiency Examination the first semester of matriculation.
  • Take the Senior Comprehensive Examination.
  • Present an original research based paper, creative work, or investigative report at the Senior Symposium.

* BA majors must also take 12 credit hours in French or Spanish.