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Literature and Language (BA)

The Language and Literature concentration  leading to the BA in English provides students with a solid grounding in English and foreign language skills; textual interpretation and writing; American, British, and World literatures; and critical tools and theoretical perspectives.  The track provides a balance between traditional literature surveys and period courses and courses in which the organizing principle is generic, thematic, or theoretical.  Students with the Language and Literature B.A. may go on to graduate studies, teaching or publishing, or any career in which superior critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills are essential.

I. Core Requirements

  • ENGL 236 Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 301 English Literature I
  • ENGL 302 English Literature II
  • ENGL 316 American Literature I
  • ENGL 317 American Literature II
  • ENGL 437 History of Literary Criticism
  • ENGL 438 Seminar for Majors

II. Department Electives (300 - 400 level courses)

  • One course focusing on American Literature Periods and Authors
  • One course focusing on British Literature Periods and Authors
  • One additional course focusing on either British or American Literature
  • Two courses focusing on World Literatures
  • Two courses focusing on Genre or other Special Studies
  • One course out of the following courses focusing on Linguistics, Grammar, and Language
  • ENGL 345 Introduction to General Linguistics I
  • ENGL 346 Introduction to General Linguistics II
  • ENGL 445 Advanced Grammar
  • ENGL 446 History of the English Language

Total Requirements 45 semester hours