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Spanish (minor)

A Spanish language minor may be used with any major in the University, including areas such as business, social work, psychology, education, and science. Students will gain a significant auxiliary skill with the acquisition of a foreign language. The Spanish language offers learning experiences that prepare students to understand the language at the conversational level and to use it in a variety of settings. The Spanish language minor will prepare the Bowie State graduate to move into a variety of employment areas or to continue graduate studies at schools where a foreign language is a prerequisite for admission.

Core Requirements

  • SPAN 101 First Year Spanish I
  • SPAN 102 First Year Spanish II
  • SPAN 201 Second Year Spanish I
  • SPAN 202 Second Year Spanish II
  • SPAN 301 Spanish Conversation and Composition I
  • SPAN 302 Spanish Conversation and Composition II
  • One of the following courses focused on linguistics
  • SPAN 204 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • SPAN 308 Spanish Structure

Total Core Requirements 21 semester hours