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History and Government

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When you study and major in History and Government at Bowie State University, with concentration in either history or government, you will have the opportunity to experience the responsibilities and rewards of combining theory with practice that will prepare students for leadership positions in the public or private sector. This combination of learning and personal challenge enables graduates to face the demands of the twenty-first century with confidence.

The Bowie State University History & Government Department offers an interdisciplinary degree program in history and government with concentrations in History, History Education (Social Studies), and Government with minors in multiple fields. The program aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the complex historical, social, economic, and political forces within society, and it seeks to promote students’ critical thinking skills. Students who choose either history or the government sequence may pursue either a B.A. or B.S. degree. Students who choose the history education (social studies) program must pursue a B.S. degree. To receive a B.A. or B.S. in History and Government, the student must complete 120 semester hours. To receive a B.S. in History and Government with a history education (social studies) concentration, the student must complete 128/129 semester hours. Each minor program has its required number of credit hours (as indicated below).

Degree Options: (include concentrations)

B.A./B.S.– History and Government

  • Government
  • History (General)

B.S. –History and Government

  • History (Social Studies) Education

Minor Programs in the following fields

  • Geography (15 credits)
  • Government (15 credits)
  • History (18 credits)
  • Historical Management (18 credits)
  • International Studies (12 credits)
  • Pan-African Studies (12 credits)
  • Philosophy (15 credits)
  • Pre-Law (15 credits)
  • Public Policy (12 credits)
  • Women’s Studies (18 credits).

What Students will learn:  

Students who completed the program will have a broad understanding of the complex historical, social, economic, and political forces within society, and the ability to engage in analytical and critical thinking on tough societal issues and social problems in a variety of public and private settings.  You’ll be equipped to continue your education at the graduate level and be able to pursue rigorous scholarly research in the chosen field of study. The sequence of courses will train students proficiently in content and methodology, enable them build marketable skills needed in today’s market economy, and empower them to succeed in their graduate studies and professional schools or successfully pursue careers in academia, government or business.

Career Paths:

Program courses are structured and sequenced to train students to become proficient in content and methodology in the departmental concentrations of their choice; provide opportunities for critical thinking and analysis; and prepare them for entry into the history and government fields with the knowledge, skills, and values appropriate for generalist practice. Generalist involves:

  • Working in government and business (in the public and/or private sectors)
  • Pursuing careers in the academia (teaching, doing administrative work or research)
  • Serving in other capacities (such as working as an archivist, curators in museums)
  • Advocating just social policies to ensure the equitable distribution of resources
  • Working as a government official or public servant, historian, and/or an educator)

Employment Opportunities for students with a major in
History & Government are:




Archival Management

Advocate & Organizer


Policy Analyst



Editor & Public Relations


Media Specialist

Intelligence Specialist

Human Rights Officer or Attorney




Marketing & Advertising Consultant


Officer Manager



Social Activist


Administrator: Government or Corporate




Communication Director/Speech Writer


Journalist/Public Relations Specialist

Political Commentator

Political or Campaign Strategist

Policy Analyst

Program Analyst


Web Content Manager

Military Service

Political Consultant



Primary Contact Person:

M. Sammye Miller, PhD
Professor of History and Chairman
301-860-3664 or 3600


Administrative Assistant: Betty A. Carrico
301-860-3600 or 3601

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