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International Business Initiative

Strengthening Business Opportunity with Sub-Saharan Africa
In Collaboration with Africa Trade Office and Addis Ababa University

 An Overview

The Bowie State University International Business Initiative (BSU-IBI) led by the College of Business, is collaborating with the Department of English and Modern Languages, the Africa Trade Office (ATO) in Prince George's County and Addis Ababa University (AAU), in Ethiopia, as well as area Chambers of Commerce to enhance the abilities of current and potential small and Medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the Washington Metropolitan area to do business internationally.  The BSU-IBI thus addresses the needs of existing SMEs, those of students who are potential creators of SMEs and in the process meet faculty development needs to enhance their skills at teaching courses with international content and keep up with the growing need to help the businesses deal with the challenges of international business.

The BSU-IBI has chosen Africa to take advantage of the fact that so far globalization efforts have focused on Asia (China, India, etc) and the opportunities Africa presents are just beginning to be recognized and exploited.  The Africa Trade Office, Bowie State University's key partner in the BSU-IBI, is primarily charged with promoting and facilitating trade and investment between American SMEs and targeted countries in Africa and so far has not found a higher education institution with adequate emphasis on doing business with Africa to seek partnership with. The BSU College of Business and ATO intend to cooperate to develop a strong International Business track at BSU and enhance ATO's Certificate Program, Export One-Africa!  Addis Ababa University will provide the necessary base for activities at the Africa end, especially the study abroad program that will emphasize Ethiopian Language, culture and the business environment.