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The Mission

The MIS Department contributes to Bowie State University's mission and seeks to both maintain an energetic research agenda and produce graduates who are technologically astute, think critically, and demonstrate proficiency in information technology fields. The department provides a nurturing environment that facilitates intellectual growth, scholarship, and independence for its students and faculty. Students are afforded the opportunity to experience a state-of-the-art, balanced, and highly viable information systems education. Our graduates are prepared for leadership in the application of information technology to solve business and societal problems and to seize opportunities in the constantly changing marketplace.

Academic Goals

The primary thrust of the MIS academic program offerings is to prepare skilled and principled information technology professionals who can add value to the systems problem solving process and generate ideas that advance the information technology practice. In pursuit of the academic goals and priorities of the University and the School of Business, the department seeks to:

  • Provide quality educational and service programs that prepare students for careers and advanced study in information technology fields
  • Build a cooperative and enterprising learning community involving alumni, business partners, and institutional stakeholders
  • Aggressively seek opportunities to collaborate with businesses and government agencies to identify and solve IT problems
  • Increase participation in events and activities that showcase the skills and competencies of the students and faculty and extend the influence of the department
  • Provide a flexible course delivery platform
  • Promote a supportive research culture and environment for MIS students and faculty