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Management, Marketing, and Public Administration

Chair's Message

Our mission is to develop leaders and managers in the fields of management, marketing and public administration. We are dedicated to building character, humility and ethical behavior among our students. Our faculty emphasizes to students the importance of acquiring the ability to be flexible, adaptable and creative as professionals entering a constantly changing workforce in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

The Department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration is committed to providing our students with the knowledge and skill set that will prepare them to meet the dynamic challenges in the 21st Century public and private work place. Our students have graduated and become successful working in a wide range of professions in both the public and private sectors. For examples please visit our Alumni and Student Banner of Achievement and Success Our mission is to prepare our diverse undergraduate and graduate student population with professional skills that will allow them to compete technically and professionally in the global work force.

We are proud of the fact that they are also successful in achieving upward mobility in their professional careers. Graduates are highly visible in the corporate, public and nonprofit sectors of the work force throughout this region, and across the nation. A number of our students are from international origins, and thus, some return to their respective countries to assume prominent positions.

Dr. David A. Abrahams
Associate Professor of Marketing and Public Administration
Chairperson, Department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration


The Department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration (MMPA) is part of the new College of Business. It is located on the campus in the Center for Business and Graduate Studies, Room 2323. Please feel free to visit our program catalog located here.

To find out more information about our undergraduate and graduate program requirements and courses, you may also contact us at We can also be reached by phone at (301)860-3622.