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General Business Concentration

Program Coordinator
Professor James Lashley
Phone: 301-860-3640


The program is designed for those students who want to become generalists in business operations. Business persons frequently wear many hats. This sequence is designed for broad generalists and for transfer students with specialized backgrounds in business or related fields.

Degree preparation includes guest speakers, case studies, and written feasibility analysis of student-selected ventures. Students may tailor their programs of study by choosing a range of electives throughout the department.


The general business sequence is within the business administration area. It is designed to provide the student with a broad general overview of the basic functions in the business sector. Upon completion of this program, the student should be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to begin in an entry level administrative position in the business or not-for-profit sector.


BUAD 100 Business Math
MGMT 101 Introduction to Business
ACCT 201 Accounting I
ACCT 202 Accounting II
FINA 320 Principles of Finance
MKTG 331 Principles of Marketing
MGMT 241 Principles of Management
MGMT 344 Organizational Behavior
BUAD 350 Business Law I
BUAD 351 Business Law II
MGMT 449 Business Strategy & Policy
ECON 331 Money & Banking I
ECON 351 Business & Economics Statistics I
ECON 483 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
ECON Upper Level Elective (300-400)
MGMT 480 Production & Operations Management
BUAD Any 300 or 400 level BUAD or economics courses
General Elective

Students should consult with their advisor to prepare and review their program of study.

Note: Calculus and computer skills courses may be used as School of Business electives.