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Master of Public Administration Program


Dr. David Abrahams
Phone: (301) 860-3637
Office: Center for Business Graduate Studies
Suite 2329


PROGRAM OVERVIEW                                          

The purpose of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program is to prepare students to enter the public sector as managers and leaders. The program is designed to enhance the career goals of professionals in government, special interests, and lobbying groups, nonprofit and professional organizations.

The Certificate in Public Management is a 12-credit program that can also be pursued under the MPA program. It will provide professional development for officials from a broad cross-section of specialties across the public sector.

The MPA degree program is consistent with Bowie State University's goal of developing new programs. It also addresses a number of the statewide educational goals articulated in "Educating for the 21st Century: The Maryland Plan for Postsecondary Education" (January 1998).

The MPA degree is an evening school program. The explosion of technology is creating a rapidly changing workforce. As a result, many professionals will experience several career changes in their adult lives. Evidence indicates that we can anticipate a larger number of adult students seeking advanced degrees and various certifications in evening school programs in institutions of higher learning.

Even though the MPA degree program targets adult professionals, it is open to all individuals who meet the academic requirements for admittance.


  • To develop professionals who will perform effectively as administrators, analysts, general managers, and leaders in public sector and public-oriented organizations.
  • To develop the skill level and knowledge base of students in the theory and application of new technologies now in use in order to access, analyze, and utilize information that is pertinent to the field of public administration.
  • To develop and strengthen students' research and analytical skills, enabling them to perform problem-solving activities across a broad spectrum of professional disciplines.
  • To develop students' capacity to information literate in order toconceptualize and interpret the social, economic and political environment in which public administration takes place.

Typically, students who qualify for the MPA degree program are those individuals who have the traditional bachelor's degree in the social sciences and allied fields such as political science, sociology, economics, engineering, nursing, etc. The Certificate in Public Management has the same requirements as the MPA program. These programs target diverse populations which include, but are not limited to, the disabled, women, and minorities.

The course of study for the Master of Public Administration degree requires 36 credit hours. The core curriculum includes 18 semester hours and 18 semester hours in a selected area of concentration. Initially, students would be able to choose a general concentration in public administration or concentrations in public policy and management (PPM) and human resource management (HRM).


Core Courses (18 credit hours)

PUAD 501 Concepts of Public Administration
PUAD 502 Qualitative Research
MGMT 511 Organizational Behavior
PUAD 524 Public Budgeting
MGMT 571 Human Resource Management
MGMT 584 Management Statistics

General Concentration (18 credit hours)

PUAD 530 Public Policy Analysis
ECON 522 Public Finance
PUAD 604 Evaluation Research (Pre-req. PUAD 502)
PUAD 610 Intergovernmental Relations Seminar
MGMT 741 Organizational Development
One Elective

Concentration Courses

Public Policy and Management (18 credit hours)

ECON 522 Public Finance
PUAD 530 Public Policy Analysis
PUAD 604 Evaluation Research
PUAD 505 Manager in Technological Society
PUAD 610 Intergovernmental Relations Seminar
One Elective

Human Resource Concentration (18 credit hours)

MGMT 501 Managing Public & Private Organizations
PUAD 530 Public Policy Analysis
MGMT 577 Labor Management Relations
MGMT 641 Organizational Development
MGMT 672 Human Resource Management Seminar
One Elective

Certificate in Public Management (12 credit hours)

INSS 530 Information Systems in Organizations OR
PUAD 505 Managers in a Technological Society
MGMT 511 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 571 Human Resource Management OR
MGMT 641 Organizational Development
MGMT 585 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making OR
MGMT 584 Management Statistics


There will be no thesis for the completion of the MPA degree. However, all degree requirements must be completed within a maximum of seven consecutive years. In addition, students must pass a three-hour comprehensive examination within a maximum of three attempts.

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