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General Information



Graduate Admission Requirements

The academic requirement for admission to the  Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree   program states that the applicant hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, and have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale).

Applicants may also be admitted conditionally if they have not met all of the prerequisite requirements for admission to the program. However, they will not be allowed to graduate until those prerequisites have been completed. Ideally, those courses should be taken prior to taking courses in the graduate course sequence.

Applicants who have admissions material outstanding may be granted provisional admission if it is determined that he/she meets the admissions requirements for the graduate degree program. In instances such as this, full admission will be granted by the  Office of Graduate Admissions upon receipt of missing or incomplete admissions material that satisfies the admissions requirements for the masters program.

 If the provisionally admitted student does not have missing or incomplete admissions material submitted by the last day of classes of the semester in which provisional admission was made, that particular category of student will not be allowed to continue in the graduate degree program.

Please be aware that program requirements for admission vary by graduate program and/or academic department within the various professional schools.

We direct you to the Office of Graduate Studies  for answers to  questions you may have concerning residency requirements for tuition waivers: Dean, Office of Graduate Studies,

Room 1312 CBGS.

Transfer Credits

Graduate credits from other institutions are transferable under the following conditions:

  1. Courses accepted for transfer must have been earned at a college or university that is accredited by a regional accrediting body authorized by the U. S. Department of education.
  2. Courses for transfer have to be designated as graduate level courses by the institution at which it was taken. Courses offered as a workshop or as continuing education at other institutions and are not designated as a graduate level course are not acceptable for transfer.
  3. Six credits may be transferred into Master of Public Administration (MPA) .
  4. The courses for which transfer is sought must have been completed with a grade of "B" or better and must be relevant to courses and degree requirements offered in the degree program to be pursued by the student.  A course accepted for transfer credit can only be viable for use to satisfy program requirements seven years from the date of completion.The seven years will include the date on which the masters degree program in which the student enrolls at BSU will be completed. In the case of the MPA program, the decision on the transferability of a course is made by the Program Coordinator or the Chairperson, MMPA. 
  5. Transfer of credits into a degree program may not be used to offset required practicum or seminar courses.
  6. Credits used to satisfy the requirements for one master's degree may not be used to meet the requirements of another master's degree.
  7. Credits are not to be used for two degrees at either the graduate or undergraduate levels.
  8. All MPA students must complete a Program of Study form no later than the end of their first semester of course work in the MPA program. The Program of Study is a critical document for the graduate student because it clearly identifies your course requirements leading to the Master of Public Administration degree.


Graduate Comprehensive Qualifying Examination

Candidates for the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree must pass a written comprehensive examination.  The Office of Graduate Studies is responsible for administering the comprehensive examination.  The examination for the MPA program is offered in the fall and spring of each academic year.

The comprehensive examination may not be taken until the following requirements are met:

    1. Complete 12-18 credit hours with a 3.25 average or better.
    2. Fully executed Program of Study
    3. Completed application for Advancement to Candidacy must be submitted to the Registrar's office prior to applying to sit for the comprehensive examination.

MPA students are required to write comprehensive examinations covering the following academic domains:

  • PUAD 502 Qualitative Research
  • PUAD 630 Public Policy
  • MGMT 511 Organization Behavior.

There are no exceptions to this requirement. 

The Office of Graduate Studies allows students to take the written comprehensive examination twice.  In the event that a student fails the examination twice, he/she may take it a third and final time after the student has:

  1. Met with his/her advisor to develop a plan to prepare the student for re-taking the examination, and
  2. Student has completed the prescribed plan to the satisfaction of the advisor.

The tutorial plan will be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies on the Focused Plan of Study Form once the student and advisor agree to a plan.  The form will be signed by the advisor and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies when the terms set forth in the plan have been satisfied.  This signifies that the advisor believes the student is now ready to take the comprehensive examination.



REQUIRED  COURSES:                                                                Sem. Hrs.

PUAD 601      Concepts of Public Administration                                                        3
PUAD 502      Qualitative Research Methods                                                             3
MGMT 511     Organization Behavior                                                                        3
PUAD 524      Public Budgeting                                                                               3
MGMT 571     Human Resources Management                                                          3
MGMT 584     Management Statistics                                                                        3                                                                       


PUAD 630      Public Policy Analysis                                                                            3
ECON 522      Public Finance                                                                                      3
PUAD 704      Evaluation Research                                                                              3
PUAD 710      Intergovernmental Relations Seminar                                                      3
MGMT 741     Organization Development                                                                     3
One Elective                                                                                                              3

Total Hours                                                                                                              36



PUAD 601 Concepts of Public Administration                                                           3
PUAD 502      Qualitative Research                                                                        3          
MGMT 511     Organization Behavior                                                                      3
PUAD 524      Public Budgeting                                                                              3
MGMT 571     Human Resources Management                                                        3
MGMT 584     Management Statistics                                                                      3


ECON 522      Public Finance                                                                                  3
PUAD 630      Public Policy Analysis                                                                         3
PUAD 704      Evaluation Research (Prerequisite: PUAD 502)                                         3
PUAD 605      Manager in a Technological Society                                                     3
PUAD 710      Intergovernmental Relations Seminar                                                  3
One Elective

Total Hours                                                                                                          36



PUAD 601      Concepts of Public Administration                                                           3                      
PUAD 502      Qualitative Research                                                                             3
MGMT 511     Organization Behavior                                                                           3
PUAD 524      Public Budgeting                                                                                   3
MGMT 571     Human Resources Management                                                              3
MGMT 584     Management Statistics                                                                          3


MGMT 501     Managing Public and Private Organizations                                               3                      
PUAD 630      Public Policy Analysis                                                                             3
MGMT 677     Labor Management Relations                                                                 3
MGMT 741     Organization Development                                                                     3
MGMT 772     Human Resources Management Seminar                                                  3
One Elective                                                                                                              3

Total Hours                                                                                                             36         
PUAD 530 Public Policy Analysis                                                                                  3 
PUAD 535 Administrative Law                                                                                     3
One Elective                                                                                                            3

Total Hours                                                                                                             36