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Undergraduate Programs

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Bowie State University College of Business offers a fully accredited program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.) degree with a concentration in accounting, business information systems, finance and economics, general business, management, or marketing. The program is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility.

 The Departments

 The Concentrations

Accounting, Banking & Finance, and Economics Department 

Business Information Systems

Management and Marketing 

In addition, the Management concentration offers two specialty tracks: Small Business/Entrepreneurship and Industrial Relations. For more information on the specialty tracks contact your faculty advisor or the MMPA Chair, Dr. Stevie Watson


The Computer

Commitment to Improvement and Assurance of Learning

The College of Business performs numerous activities to ensure continuous improvement including revisions to the mission, identification and assessment of learning goals. The College has consistently assessed its academic programs since 2001 using course-embedded assessments as well as feedback from students, faculty, and other stakeholders. The external assessment of programs is carried out during the MSCHE and ACBSP accreditation process and through the preparation of various reports which are submitted to the University, USM, and MHEC.


Undergraduate Program Learning Goals 

Goal1:  To write effectively

Goal 2: To communicate orally effectively

Goal 3: To solve business problems using critical thinking skill

Goal 4: Demonstrate awareness of globalization and diversity

Goal 5: Demonstrate mastery of business knowledge and skills in the following areas: accounting, economics, management, finance, quantitative analysis, marketing, legal environment, international and information systems

Assessment Plan