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Professional Development Activities

Each course in the Counseling Psychology, School Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling programs at Bowie State University requires ten hours of Professional Development Activity (PDA) in the community, in addition to regular classwork. The guidelines for acquiring for acquiring and reporting PDAs are as follows.

  1. PDAs should include a variety of activities such as:
    1. Attendance at educational programs—conferences, symposia lectures.
    2. Conducting, or helping to conduct, educational/training programs.
    3. Visitations to mental health facilities or programs.
    4. Visitation to self-help groups (AA, Al-Anon, etc.).
    5. Mental health volunteer work.
    6. Personal counseling/psychotherapy (individual, group, couples, family).
  2. Candidate should check with advisor periodically to stay on track.
  3. A minimum of 15% of the total number of PDA hours must be in educational programs (workshops, conferences, etc.).
  4. Each course instructor may require a specific activity for a particular course, or may leave the decision on the nature of the PDAs for his/her class to the discretion of the candidate.
  5. With the instructor's approval, a candidate may apply PDA hours to that instructor's class that were acquired prior to taking that class.
  6. Each candidate must report each PDA on a Community Professional Development Activity Form, which is approved and signed by the class instructor and by the professional person responsible for the PDA (copy to instructor).
  7. Each candidate must summarize all PDAs on PDA Form 2 and submit it to his/her advisor for approval when all PDA hours have been completed and prior to graduation.
  8. All PDA forms are to be kept in a loose-leaf binder.
  9. The advisor will inform the Graduate Office of the candidate's completion of all PDA requirements.


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