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Program of Study

The Doctorate of Educational Leadership consists of a 60-semester-hour program. Candidates are required to complete the following courses:

Educational Leadership Core

24 semester hours

EDAD 830

Educational Government and Political Studies

EDAD 845

Managing Financial Resources in Urban Education

EDAD 825

Advanced School Law

EDAD 820

Human Resource Development and Administration

EDAD 801

Philosophy and Historical Foundations of Urban Education

EDAD 840

Leadership and Technology in Global Information Age

EDAD 850

Interdisciplinary Seminar

EDAD 815

Educational Planning and Evaluation

Research Core

Core 9 credit hours

EDAD 835

Research Designs and Methods

EDAD 810

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics in Education

EDAD 900

Applied Research Seminar

Externship, Clinical Study

6 credit hours

EDAD 920

Advanced Externship in Educational Leadership I

EDAD 925

Advanced Externship in Educational Leadership II

Dissertation Credits

9 credit hours

Dissertation Research Seminar Proposal

Dissertation Advisement


Minor/Elective Area

12 credit hours

Total minimum credits

60 credit hours