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Teaching Learning and Professional Development

Whether you are a new student, a career changer, or a veteran teacher preparing for the 21st century classroom, courses within the College of Education are designed to prepare educators to make a difference.

Inspired by Bowie State University's legacy of best practices in the field of education, coupled with an emphasis on research-based methods, we offer an array of nationally recognized bachelor and master's degree programs. Few programs can rival our solid relationships with other educational agencies, both in the region and nationally or our network of partnerships. You can pursue a Bachelor of Education degree in three programs, Master of Education degrees in four programs, and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

The College's Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development is also dedicated to positively impacting the national and regional teacher shortage. Our strong commitment to supply highly qualified educators for public and private schools is reinforced by our program's national accreditation. Bowie State University maintains accreditation by the Middle States Association Commission on Higher Education, and the programs in the College of Education are accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.


The mission of the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development is to prepare instructional leaders for positions in public and private schools in Maryland and school systems in other states. The Bowie State University teacher education program model rests upon a legacy of the best practices in the field of education and upon what research tells us about learning and teaching. The program provides the counties of Maryland and other states with teachers of all races who are competent in their content specialty, grounded in the knowledge bases of their discipline, and sensitive to the ethnicity of children they teach. The Department assumes personal responsibility for spreading knowledge of futuristic theory and participating in decision-making activities that shape the University's future. At the heart of the department's future success is its relationship with liberal arts faculty, the University at large, the students, and local education agencies.

The main goal of the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development is to prepare prospective teachers for the multiple challenges that will confront them as beginning teachers and provide opportunities for veteran teachers who want to further develop in the teaching profession. More specifically, teacher education preparation ensures that students progress through well-defined, structured programs. Each program has a curriculum that is research-based and responds to state mandates, the Maryland Redesign for Teacher Education, and the NCATE standards. Prospective teachers become well-versed in content and pedagogy, and engage in field study early in their preparation.

Dr. Constance Brooks, Chair
Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development