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The College of Education at Bowie State University incorporates technology-rich curriculum and classrooms to facilitate and enhance its teacher preparation programs. In accordance with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and Maryland standards, which encourage the promotion of technology to develop and sustain critical thinking, curriculum, materials, and learning experiences in the teacher education classroom, the school offers a dedicated laboratory environment to its students for test preparation, scholarship, competency in the use of technology, and collaborative classroom experiences. Open throughout the calendar year, the Praxis Lab increases student awareness of technological issues involving teaching and learning while also proving to be a valuable resource tool.

The Praxis Lab features 19 PC with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of software and access to a variety of Internet resources. Additionally, the Praxis Lab supports Praxis I preparation through the use of PLATO, a web-based technology. EDUC 220: Tests Criterion utilizes the Praxis Lab's resources to assist students in preparation for the Praxis I series of examinations.


Plato is a web-based, interactive assessment and preparation tool for the Praxis I PPST and CBT exams. It provides a thorough skills assessment and customized learning program for reading, writing, and mathematics preparation. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Plato provides the latest information regarding Praxis I preparation with a multimedia-enhanced interface for added learning experiences. The tool is free to use for all education majors, however, registration is required. Click here to download the Plato Account Request Form (pdf). Note: Plato is designed for Praxis I only - it does not have any tutorials or support for Praxis II content area exams.


Praxis I consists of three timed tests in the subject areas of reading, writing, and math. All of the timed tests are multiple-choice, but the writing component also requires a written essay. Required scores for the PRAXIS I exams are mandated by the Maryland State Department of Education and can accessed here.

Praxis II consists of content-based questions to assess student knowledge of specific subjects such as mathematics, English, reading, social studies, and guidance and counseling, among many areas.

For more information about the Praxis exams, please visit the official website. The Praxis Lab staff cannot answer questions about the administration or grading of Praxis exams.

For information about Maryland teacher certification, please visit the Maryland State Department of Education Certification website.


General Information
Praxis Test Requirements for Maryland
Online Registration for the Praxis Exam
Frequently Asked Questions about the Praxis Exams


The Praxis lab is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday during the regular full semester. We do not offer weekend or evening hours at this time. The lab is also used by faculty for courses involving Internet research or SPSS.

Note: Food or beverages are not permitted in the lab.