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Accelerated BS Nursing Option

Program Description

This is an 18-month intensive nursing program option for highly successful Transfer and Second Degree students. Candidates enter the program having completed all general education requirements and enroll into full-time study of nursing courses. See admission criteria and progression plan link for curriculum details.Candidates are admitted each summer as indicated on the progression plan!

All candidates must have successfully completed all program course requirements at the time of application submission. It is highly required that all prospective candidates first obtain general university admission through the BSU Office of Admissions each fall semester ahead of the nursing admission application process to ensure completion of all academic credit requirements for program eligibility.


Program Goals

The Department of Nursing goals are consistent with the mission of the University and reflect the philosophy of the nursing faculty. The Department of Nursing goals are:

  • To provide quality programs supportive of the learning needs of diverse learners so that they may accomplish their educational goals.
  • To provide an environment supportive of quality instruction, the use of technology, scholarly endeavors, and critical thinking.
  • To maintain faculty support systems and staff development programs that foster creativity and facilitate the faculty's contributions to higher education and the nursing profession.
  • To maximize opportunities for students and faculty to participate in the internal operations of the University so as to foster optimal communications and ensure maximum involvement in the development and maintenance of programs and services.
  • To engage in cooperative and collaborative relationships with regional communities that will promote health and nursing.

*Please know that all Transfer Credit Evaluations are officially conducted by the BSU Office of Admissions upon completion of the on-line BSU general admissions application. Please visit the BSU Admissions webpage to learn more about the transfer credit evaluation process.

Application Submission Date — January 4, 2019

Application Deadline — February 4, 2019


Note: All admitted nursing students must have a criminal background check conducted in federal and state standards.

Please understand that admission to the Accelerated BS Nursing option is highly selective. There are many more applicants than there is available space. While you may meet the criteria above, there may be more candidates that surpassed the criteria.

For questions or concerns, prospective candidates are required to send inquiries via email to our Nursing Academic Adviser:

Kenneth Dovale