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Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Katrina Thomas

Administrative Assistant
301-860-3248 - CLT Room: 331-B

Makeba Green, PhD, MSW

Chairperson/Associate Professor
301-860-3302 - CLT Room: 331-D

Prof. Ellen Livingston, LICSW, LCSW-C

Lecturer/Coordinator of Field Instruction
301-860-3252 - CLT Room: 331-G

Carl Algood, PhD, LICSW

Associate Professor
301-860-3187- CLT Room: 331-E

Phyllis E. Gillians, EdD, MSW

Assistant Professor
301-860-3254 - CLT Room: 331-H

Zuleka Henderson, PhD, LMSW

Assistant Professor
301-860-3305 - CLT Room: 331-A

Tina Jordan, PhD, MSW

Associate Professor
301-860-3302 - CLT Room: 331-F

Emory Perkins, DSW, LCSW

Assistant Professor
301-860-3172 - CLT Room: 331-K

Jerome Schiele

301-860-3382 - CLT Room: 330

Prof. Taiya Gregory, LICSW, LCSW

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Deidre McDaniel, LCSW

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Shannon McGhee, MSW

Adjunct Professor


Prof. Andrea Morris, MSW

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Temeka Parker, LCSW-C, LICSW

Adjunct Professor

Prof. Vivian Ramsey, LGSW, CHES

Adjunct Professor