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Faculty & Staff

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Carl Algood

Assistant Professor — Department of Social Work


Maisha Ali

Assistant Registrar — Office of the University Registrar


Raul Alleyne

Wide Receivers, Football — Athletics

Falih Alsaaty

Professor — Department of Management, Marketing, and Public Administration (MMPA)

Center of Business and Graduate Studies, Room 2326 301-860-3624

Faleh Alshameri

Visiting Associate Professor — Department of Management Information Systems (MIS)

Center of Business and Graduate Studies, Room 3318 301-860-4019

Isaac Amo-Frempong

Data Entry and Records Specialist — Office of Admissions

Aba Amoo

Lecturer — Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development


Guy Alain Amoussou

Associate Provost — Office of the Provost

Henry Administration Building, Suite 2200 301-860-4438

Alan Anderson

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Chemistry — Department of Natural Sciences

Crawford Science Building, Room 106 301-860-3337

Harold Anderson

Lecturer — Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

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