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Kari Debbink

Assistant Professor

Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing, Room 3141 301-860-3341

Lab Website


  • National Institutes of Health, Postdoctoral Fellow, Flavivirus Evolution (2016-2017)
  • University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Influenza Evolution (2014-2016)
  • University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, Doctor of Philosophy, Microbiology & Immunology (2009-2014)
  • Endicott College, Master of Education, (2003-2004)
  • New College of Florida, Bachelor of Arts, (1996-2000)

Research Interests

  • Viral Evolution
  • Viral Capsid Structure/Function Relationships
  • Noroviruses and Flaviviruses

Awards and Honors

  • UM Postdoctoral Translational Scholars Program Fellowship (2015-2016)
  • American Society for Virology (ASV) Travel Award (2011, 2013, 2015)
  • NIH Molecular Mechanisms in Microbial Pathogenesis Postdoctoral Training Grant (2014)
  • UNC Impact Award (2014)
  • Philip Manire Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research (2013)
  • UNC Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2013)
  • ComSciCon Participant Travel Award (2013)
  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund Science Educator Fellowship (2012-2013)
  • NIH Virology Training Grant (2012)
  • UNC University Research Day, Oral Presentation, 1st Place (2012)

Professional Memberships

  • American Society for Virology
  • American Society for Microbiology


  • Ealy, AM* and Debbink K. "Viral Diversity, Evolution, and Selective Pressure." in N.M. Melham (Ed.), Noroviruses. Springer, Inc. (Submitted Chapter, 2018 planned publication). *indicates undergraduate mentee
  • Kocher JF, Lindesmith LC, Debbink K, Beall A, Mallory M, Yount B, Donaldson EF, Baric RS. “A novel North American bat calicivirus binds histo-blood group antigens similar to a human norovirus.” (Submitted to mBio)
  • Lindesmith LC, Mallory ML, Donaldson EF, Debbink K, Brewer-Jenson PD, Swann EW, Sheanhan TP, Beltramello M, Corti D, Lanzavecchia A, Baric RS. “Conformational occlusion of blockade antibody epitopes; a novel mechanism of GII.4 Human norovirus immune evasion” (Submitted to mSphere)
  • Menachery VD, Gralinski LE, Dinnon KH, Mitchell HD, Dinnon KD, Leist SR, Yount BL, Graham RL, McAnarney ET, Stratton KG, Debbink K, Sims AC, Waters KM, Baric RS.  MERS-CoV NSP16 necessary for IFN resistance and viral pathogenesis. mSphere. PMID: 2915278.
  • Lindesmith LC, Kocher JF, Debbink K, Donaldson EF, Mallory ML, Swann EW, Brewer-Jenson PD, Baric RS. (2017) “Emergence of Novel Human Norovirus GII.17 Strains Correlates with Changes in Blockade Antibody Epitopes.” Journal of Infectious Diseases. PMID: 28973354.
  • Debbink K, McCrone JT, Petrie JG, Truscon R, Johnson E, Mantlo E*, Monto AS, Lauring AS. (2017) “Vaccination has minimal impact on the intrahost diversity of H3N2 influenza viruses.” PLOS Pathogens. PMID: 28141862 *indicates undergraduate mentee
  • Goo L, Debbink K, Kose N, Sapparapu G, Richner JM, Burgomaster KA, Diamond MS, Crowe JE, Pierson TC. “A potently neutralizing human monoclonal antibody targeting a novel epitope in the WNV E protein preferentially recognizes mature virions” (Submitted to J Virol)
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  • Kocher JF, Debbink K, Lindesmith LC, Graham RL, Bogaerts H, Goodwin RR, Baric RS. “Noroviruses.” in Stanley Plotkin, Walther Orenstein, Paul Offit, Kathryn M. Edwards (ed.) Plotkin’s Vaccines (7th ed.). Elsevier, 2017.
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  • Debbink, K. (2015) “Ancestry-based differences in norovirus susceptibility: implications for understanding global infection patterns.” Infect. Dis. PMID: 25744497.
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  • Debbink K, Lindesmith LC, Donaldson EF, Swanstrom J, Baric RS. (2014) “A Chimeric VLP-based Norovirus Vaccine Induces a Broadly Blocking Immune Response.” J Virology, PMID 24741081.
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  • S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/574,012 (Filed on October 18, 2017)

“Methods and Compositions for Norovirus Vaccines and Diagnostics”

Ralph Baric, Lisa Lindesmith, Kari Debbink, Eric Donaldson


  • S. Application No. 61/887,101

“Methods and Compositions For Norovirus Blockade Epitopes”

Ralph Baric, Lisa Lindesmith, Kari Debbink, Eric Donaldson, Jesica Swanstrom