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Florence Etop

Assistant Professor

Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing, Room 2170 301-860-3344

Name: Dr. Florence Etop, Director Bowie Med “program”

Education: PhD degree in Physics

Course Taught:

Principles of Physics I & II (Algebra-based). Including laboratory

General Physics I & II (Calculus-based). Including laboratory

Research Interest: Interested in observing fundamental properties with nanometer-scale resolution and atomic sensitivity. Finding new organic semiconductor and polymer materials that could be used to make faster, less expensive, energy-efficient electronics and to harvest solar energy with high efficiency and low cost. Functional Nanomaterials, Thin Film fabrications, Material Optical Properties, Organic and Polymeric Materials     

Awards & Honors: Outstanding Faculty Adviser, College of Arts and Sciences, Bowie State University

Memberships: The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professional, Inc. National Association of Medical Minority Educators. Interdisciplinary Consortium for Research and Educational Access in Science and Engineering, (INCREASE) Member 2009, Hampton University Hampton, VA. Center for Materials Research Development for Information and Technology (CMRDIT- Consortium) Member 2007, University of Washington Seattle, WA

Professional Memberships: American Physical Society (APS), Sigma Pi Sigma, Materials Research Society (MRS), Oak Ridge Associates University (ORAU)

Patents & Publications:

Townes-Jenkins, F.E. Etop, J. Dvorak. Soft x-ray spectroscopic studies of copper Phthalocyanine and Perylntetrecabodixilic anhydride, JUR, Vol. XI, 2011

Charles Ramey, Florence Etop, Thomas Butcher, Advance Design of Cell and Filter for Thermophotovoltaic Combine Heat and Power Generation: JUR, Vol. X, 2010

Florence E. Egbe, Kang IL Seo, and Chang Sung Lee, Binomial Mixed State Reflected from a Gray Body, Quantum Semi-Class. Opt. 7 (1995) 943-949

Sadowski, F E. Etop, B. Coleman and J. Dvorak. Growth Morphology Pattern Systems for Organics as Active Components for Photovoltaic Cells submitted to Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology 2011

Dvorak, A. Chatmon and F.E Etop. Simulation of WSi2/Si and Mo/Si Multilayers for Soft X-ray Florescence Spectroscopy submitted to Science and Technology 2011