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Mikhail Goloubev

Assistant Professor

Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing, Room 2172 301-860-3326


Ph.D. in Solid State Physics

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Courses Taught

Principles of Physics - (PHYS 251; PHYS 252)

General Physics - (PHYS271; PHYS272; PHYS273)

Electricity and Magnetism - (PHYS 303)

Physics Laboratory - (PHYS201; PHYS202; PHYS203)

Intro into Engineering Design  - (MATH 265)

Reverse Engineering - (MATH 365)

Research Interests

  • Motion analysis
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Physics and Mechanics applications in medicine

Awards and Honors

  • Award of Excellence (Bowie State University)
  • Certificate of Appreciation (Morgan State University)
  • Certificate of Appreciation (Bowie State University)
  • Diploma with honors (Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys)

Professional Membership

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Key Patents and Publications

  1. Goloubev, J. Brown “Omni-Directional Shaftless Wind Turbine” (US pending patent)
  2. Goloubev, M. Shimizu “Process of Precise Projectile Tracing and Aiming” (US pending patent)
  3. Design of two types of hypodermic syringes for dental and surgical applications (Intellectual Property Disclosure)
  4. Goloubev, Y. Kogan “Analysis and Design of the Effective Radial Swaging” – Proceedings 9th International Congress “Machines, Technologies, Materials 2012”, Varna, v.1, 56 -59, (2012), Bulgaria
  5. Goloubev, Y. Kogan “Selection of Materials for the Effective Radial Swaging” – Proceedings National Conference “Material Science and New Technologies” Sofia, 198 -201, (2009), Bulgaria.
  6. Qi, M. Goloubev, F.A. DiBianca, S. Samant “ On Modeling the Kinestaic Charge Detector for Radiographic Diagnostic and Portal Imaging” – Journal of Medical Engineering Technology, v.26, No 5, 193 -198, (2002)