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Faculty & Staff

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Ivor Edmonds

Maintenance Electrical Trades Supervisor I — Buildings and Maintenance

Wendy Edmonds

Lecturer — Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

Hoda El-Sayed

Professor — Department of Computer Science

Lynnareal M Elam

Office Clerk I — Title III State Support

Charlotte Robinson Hall, Room 115 301-860-4036

Dwight Ellis

Lecturer — Department of Communications


Beatrice Epwene

— Department of Language, Literature, & Cultural Studies

Martin Luther King Jr. Communication Arts Center, room O251 301-860-3722

Maria Erby

Administrative Assistant II — Department of Psychology

James E. Proctor Jr. Building, Room 367 301-860-3259

Fiseha Eshete

Assistant Professor — Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics


Florence Etop

Assistant Professor — Department of Natural Sciences

Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing, Room 2170 301-860-3344

Kim Evelyn

Assistant Professor — Department of Language, Literature, & Cultural Studies