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Faculty & Staff

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Kitenge N'Gambwa

Coordinator — PRISEM Center (Tutoring Center)

Lisa Nardi

Assistant Director — Bulldog Scholars Academy, Scholars Studio

James E. Proctor Jr. Building, Room 217 301-860-3297

William Nathan

Program Management Specialist — Office of Institutional Advancement

Thurgood Marshall Library, Suite 270 301-860-4300

Clara Neal

Lecturer — Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development


Deborah Nelson

Asst Prof — Department of Counseling

Philip Newsome

Lecturer — Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

Carolyn Newton

General Accounting Manager — Office of the Controller


Felix Njeh

Lecturer — Department of Computer Science


Frank Norton

Professor — Department of Counseling


Augustin Ntembe

Associate Professor — Accounting, Finance, and Economics

Center for Business and Graduate Studies, Room 3342 301-860-4022
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