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Faculty & Staff

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Naseem Sahibzada

Lecturer in Psychology — Psychology

James E. Proctor Jr. Building, Room 373 301-860-3270

Debra Salsi

Professor — College of Business and Graduate Studies

Center for Business and Graduate Studies, Room 3316 301-860-3737

Gordon Sampson

Lecturer — Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development

Janese Sampson

Lecturer — Department of Fine and Performing Arts (DFPA)


Lucia Santacruz

Associate Professor — Natural Sciences

Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing, Room 3139 301-860-3381

John Satterthwaite

Multimedia Technician — Department of Communications

Alwyn Saunders

Warehouse Supervisor — Office of Procurement

Anthony Savia

Vice President for Administration and Finance — Division of Administration and Finance


Granville Sawyer

Professor — Accounting, Finance, and Economics

Center for Business and Graduate Studies, Room 3321A 301-860-4231

Joi Schumott

Purchase Card Coordinator — Office of Procurement

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