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Smarthinking is video-supported in some courses

Students can enjoy the convenience of using Audio & Video features to work with Smarthinking Tutors and Career Coaches with select subjects in pre-scheduled tutoring sessions. These sessions can be booked at least 24 hours in advance in 30 minute increments.

The following subjects are currently available and can be found by selecting "Work with a Tutor or Career Coach" and "Schedule a Future Session" and the appropriate discipline. These subjects are denoted with a headset icon as well as shown below:

Subjects with Audio & Video Capabilities:

● Basic Math Skills (w/ Audio & Video)

● Algebra (w/ Audio & Video)

● Calculus Single Variable (w/ Audio & Video)

● Liberal Arts (w/ Audio & Video)

● Geometry & Trigonometry (w/ Audio & Video)

● Statistics (w/ Audio & Video)

● Live Essay Review (w/ Audio & Video)

● Writing (All Subjects) (w/ Audio & Video)

● Reading (w/ Audio & Video)

● Intro Accounting (w/ Audio & Video)

● Macroeconomics Principles (w/ Audio & Video)

● Microeconomics Principles (w/ Audio & Video)

● Spanish (w/ Audio & Video)

● Career Writing Live (w/ Audio & Video)

● Interview Practice