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Course Development Forms

Faculty members involved in the processes of developing and teaching online or hybrid courses use the following forms to facilitate observation of quality standards, as determined by the BSU Online Policy. Please, download and fill-in as required.

 1. Intent to Teach Online/Hybrid Course Form - initiates the process of course development and establishes a commitment between course author(s) and instructional designer.

 2. Instructor Worksheet - initiates the process of course peer review by providing a self-appraisal of the course author(s) about the developed online course template.

3. Quality MattersTM Rubric Fill-In Version - facilitates assessment of the developed online course template for compliance with QMR Standards; it accumulates automatically points for each evaluation factor and recommendations for improvement.

4. Blackboard Inc. Exemplary Course Program Rubric - supplemental form to Quality Matters that may be used by instructors interested in the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program, which includes annual awards to high quality online courses; standards are aligned with Quality Matters.