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Self-Study and Middle States Review

Bowie State University has completed its self-study phase of reaccreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The Self-Study Report is available through the BSU Middle States website, using a secure login.  Copies are also available on reserve at the Circulation Desk in the Library, for review.   

On April 3-6, 2011, the University will host the decennial review Evaluation Team.  After reviewing the self-study document and visiting the campus, this team will submit recommendations to the Commission, who will deliver their findings to the campus by mid-summer 2011.

The Bowie State University Self-Study effort is occurring under the guidance of the Middle States Steering Committee.  The self-study plan is designed to address all fourteen accreditation standards of the Middle States Commission.  The standards are explained in the publication, 'Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education (2009)', which can be obtained on the Middle States Commission’s website at .

The goal of the self-study process is to allow an institution to review and report on its programs and processes in a forthright manner.  All constituents of the university are encouraged to participate, in order to uncover the strengths of the institution as well as the challenges it faces in providing quality educational programs to its students.  An equally important goal of this process involves planning for the immediate and long-term future of the university, as the process yields recommendations by both institution and Middle States personnel regarding improvements that might be undertaken by the University.

We hope that you will visit this website often to familiarize yourself with the Self-Study Report as well as receive updates on the visit schedule.  We also encourage you to discuss your concerns and queries with any member of the Steering Committee (click on the Steering Committee Membership link below to access the list of members).  Below are documents that will help prepare you about the Evaluation Team visit. 

Thank you for supporting this important effort.

Background Documents: