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Student Success Workshop Series

Workshop Topics

Time Management & Organization
Learning how to effectively manage your time as a college student is an extremely important skill. This workshop focuses on basic time management techniques strategies for organizing your study plan. Please bring the syllabi from all of your courses to this workshop.

Tips for Academic Success
Students will learn to maximize their use of academic materials for greater personal academic success. Topics include: study habits, note-taking, study groups, and developing relationships with professors.

Stress Management & Decision Making
Students will learn about the emotional and physical factors that create stress and practical ways of managing it.

Setting Career Goals
You should begin college with the end goal in mind...finding a satisfying career! Students meet individually with a BSU Career Development Center staff member to determine personal career goals and pathways to success.

Student Involvement
There are several opportunities for you to get involved in campus activities, but you need to find balance! Learn about opportunities on campus and how not to overload yourself.

Planning for Mid-Terms and Finals
Students will learn to create study plans, activate self-motivation and anticipate success. Students should bring a textbook(s) and notes they plan to use to study for finals to the workshop.