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Success Stories

Maurice Robinson (B.S. History/Government, '12)

Maurice Robinson is currently an entrepreneur with multiple endeavors throughout Baltimore, MD. Born in Washington, D.C., Maurice spent his teenage years in Maryland. He graduated from Oxon Hills High School and went on to be an active member of the BSU community. During his matriculation, Maurice served as a TRiO math tutor, PRISEM English tutor, student advocate, and Resident Assistant. Maurice still aids the TRiO program post graduation and plans to attend Towson University in the coming Fall Semester, where he will seek a Master's Degree in Philosophy and Religion. Maurice is passionate about his educational and business pursuits and hopes to one day be considered one of the best minds and savviest entrepreneurs in the country. 


Avery Bishop (B.S. Communications, '12)

Avery Bishop is a proud native of Chester, PA. Upon completion of high school, Avery knew Bowie State University would take her the next step toward success. Avery became a member of the TRiO/SSS program her freshman year. Now, as a recent BSU graduate, she utilizes all the resources the university provided to "prepare for life." Some of those resources were tutoring sessions, weekly meetings with the TRiO Writing Specialist, and Career Building Workshops, all offered by TRiO. While a student at BSU, Avery participated in many community service activities dealing with self esteem and empowerment of women, which is where she found the passion for her current position as a residential counselor for Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore, a program that focuses on empowering at-risk youth of Baltimore City. Having obtained a B.S. degree, she has decided to further her education at the University of Baltimore to achieve a M.P.A. Avery thrives off on her own personal belief that the most powerful action on earth is being able to impact someone’s life for the better.


Nasheia Conway (B.S. Sociology/Criminal Justice, '12)

Nasheia Conway was raised in Washington, D.C. After graduating in the top 10% of her class from Friendship Collegiate Academy High School she decided to attend Bowie State University. At BSU, she was involved in numerous campus activities, such as Student Government; she served as an intramural sports assistant, vice president of Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society, campus tour guide, and resident assistant. While at BSU, Nasheia took advantage of all of the resources available through TRiO, including tutoring, professional workshops, and writing sessions. In May 2012, Nasheia graduated Cum laude and received a B.S. degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice. In August, 2012, Nasheia was awarded a full tuition scholarship to the University of Baltimore School of Law, where she wishes to obtain a degree in Criminal Law. Her ultimate career goal is to become a criminal lawyer and help change the lives of those who face obstacles, as she once did, in order to reach success. 



Winnifred Opakunle (B.S. Business Administration, '12)

Winnifred Opakunle is a summer 2012 graduate and native of Ibadan, Nigeria.Upon moving to the United States at the age of seven, she had the desire to excel and be extraordinary. Whilst attending Largo High School, she became a member of the National Academy of finance where her love for business flourished. Upon her acceptance into Bowie State University, she declared her major as Business Administration with a concentration in Management and minor in Dance.  During her junior year at Bowie State, she founded the Bowie State University Dance Ensemble, a dance company that would be the first of its kind at the university. Her goal was to incorporate passion with technique and bring the beautiful art of dance to the university. While serving as the president of the Ensemble, she also served as a Supplemental Instructor for the Scholar's Studio program where she aided students in the subjects of Communications and Economics. She is currently an entrepreneur with several ventures in the works. Her ultimate goal is to have her very own non-profit organization that will use the performing arts to instill a sense of self-worth within youths. 


Jamal Barbari (B.S. Government and Politics with a minor in Philosophy, '12)

Jamal Barbari was born in Bronx, NY but grew up mainly in the DMV area. After finishing high school, he enrolled in Bowie State University as well as the TriO program. While at BSU, he took advantage of most, if not all of the resources and workshops that TRiO had to offer, such as applying for scholarships and internships, book club, the TRiO Review (TRiO's Literary Magazine), and English tutoring. He later became a tutor himself with TRiO and enjoyed it immensely. He was also a Resident Assistant for 3 years with one of those years at Kansas State University as a National Exchange Student. Jamal Barbari graduated in May, 2012 with a B.S. in Government and Politics (Political Science) with a minor in Philosophy. During that summer, he prepared to leave for the Peace Corps in October to become a volunteer in the country of Jordan, the only remaining active Peace Corps country in the Middle East. After finishing training in January, he swore in as a Peace Corps Volunteer and was placed in the Taflia governorate to primarily teach English, but also conduct other activities that improve the community. He teaches 4ththrough 6th grade boys in the basic school for boys in his village. After his 2 year service in the Peace Corps, Jamal has considered applying for the JET program and becoming an international Fulbright scholar or finishing his master’s degree in the U.S. 




There are many more stories to be told! If you're a Bowie State University SSS alumnus or alumna with a story to share, please send an email to or call 301-860-3297. We want to hear from as many of you as possible.

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