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'Baggage Claim': A Rom-Com With a Message

 By Sarah Hainesworth

When Montana Moore (Paula Patton) hears the news of her youngest sister’s engagement, she vows to find a man who is husband-material, so she won’t be the oldest, unmarried woman in her family. Montana and her flight attendant friends, Sam (Adam Brody) and Gail (Jill Scott) devise a plan to track down all of Montana’s ex-boyfriends because she doesn’t have enough time to meet someone new. With the help of other airline employees, Montana boards a flight in conjunction with each ex boyfriend. She has 30 days to find the love of her life and future husband.

Montana’s hilarious man finding mission is filled with attractive ex-flings, such as Graham (Boris Kodjoe), Damon (Trey Songz), Langston (Taye Diggs) and Quinton (Djimon Hounsou). During her journey, Montana leans on best friend, William (Derek Luke) for last-minute rides and a shoulder to cry on.

The pressure mounts as Montana’s mother, Catherine (Jenifer Lewis) pesters her about her non-existent love life.

Pressure or not, Montana is sure that she wants love and marriage, or is she?

The star packed cast doesn’t weigh down "Baggage Claim."  Lauren London, La La Anthony, Terrence J and Christina Milian are just a few of the celebs who appear in the comedic film. Although the personality of Songz’s character almost mirrors Chris Brown’s character in “Think Like a Man”, “Think Like a Man 2” has a tough act to follow.

"Baggage Claim" is a refreshing break from the reoccurring themed movies of Tyler Perry.

As expected, Patton gave an outstanding performance but viewers will likely be surprised by Mowry and Scott. Tia Mowry shines as Janine, a character who differs from any previously played by Mowry. Jill Scott also steps out of her comfort zone as sexy and enticing Gail.

The film is set in Baltimore which is fitting since Director David E. Talbert is an alumnus of Morgan State University. His first film, "First Sunday", was based in Baltimore as well. Talbert, who also studied at New York University, was a below average student at Morgan State, but with years of play and film experience you would never be able to tell. His play “The Fabric of a Man” won him numerous NAACP awards and he received a New York Literary Award for his play “Love in the Nick of Time”. "Baggage Claim" could easily be a box office hit.