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Bowie's Got Talent Show Kicks Off Homecoming 2013

By Essence Abney

What an amazing start to this homecoming celebration. Bowie’s Got Talent was a hit. Exceptional talent across the board.  Director/ Organizer Chinoso Igbowke expressed that when organizing the event he wanted to make students feel good about coming out and expressing themselves and help them become comfortable with who they are as a person. Igbowke expressed

“Even if some of the performers do not win he wanted them to see at least now they are known and were able to show fellow Bulldogs who they are.” Igbowke put every part of himself into the whole show. He started from scratch and had to deal with every aspect of putting Bowie’s Got Talent into the wonderful show it became. With the help of DJ Mason and student staff he was able to accomplish more than he imagined he would. With the M.C. Kirk Pressley keeping the crowd rolling Bowie’s Got Talent was absolutely fantastic.

Though the event started off late and a few performances were missed the performers that were able to perform made up for it. The talent was diverse from poetry to songs and even dancing.  Pressley had the crowd laughing with his jokes and kept them rolling throughout the show. However there was a little controversy about his jokes and how they came across to the entire audience. Though he was able to engage with the audience his manner and speech was a little inappropriate for all audiences. Never the less it was still quite enjoyable in all aspects.

 Among the entertainment were the up and coming artist such as Cloud Nine, Key Mace and Tommy Gino clearly it was seen that they all had a future in performing for the public. Song’s from Beyoncé to Monica rang out in the audience and the audience was in in tune with every word. Young artists Poetic Injustice, Cloud Nine, Kitty Jessica, Kia, Demarcus, Asa, Marlow, Sabrice, Kid Nate, Brandon W. and DPE unleashed the Bulldog at Bowie’s Got Talent.

 Among the crowd were family friends and students who chose to go and support fellow students who performed.  The Bulldog spirit in the MLK auditorium was out of this world. Don’t hesitate to come out and enjoy the rest of Homecoming’s events.