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Get Rid of that Annoying Mustache!

Beauty Column

By Sheena Shaw

 Recently, I have notice that some females seem to have a bit of difficulty maintaining the creature that has claimed their upper lip and called it home. Oh, you know what I am talking about. That fury caterpillar right above their lips called a mustache.

Luckily, I never had this problem, but I have some suggestions for the girlies who suffer with the caterpillar. Unfortunately, it is more common for lighter complexion people to have a visible mustache, but “the old mustache” does not have any type of discrimination. Meaning anyone can have one and even a little beard. I can give you some helpful recommendations.

There are three simple, common, and affordable methods for facial hair removal, which are bleaching, waxing, or plucking.

I know many ladies use the bleaching method and waxing method more often. Bleaching consists of using cream bleach that lightens that horrible facial hair. Random fact: The hair that is actually considered as a mustache is not completely black, just dark. Also, this method can last up to two weeks. It is wise to purchase a cream that only use for facial hair and is not to chemically harsh. Therefore, eliminating any form of irritation caused by the use of the product. Your local salons should have this service available, which is the bleaching treatment. Prices may vary.

With the wax method, I would not recommend to anyone with really sensitive skin. Wax treatments are usually done with a sticky liquid applied with a stick, removed by applying a cloth strip, then ripping it off. Sounds painful, but it is very effective. This method can remove hair entirely from that area with one swipe. Be sure that the wax you choose is right one for facial hair or okay for sensitive skin. Waxing can be very painful and will possible result in some irritation. Case in point, I used to get my eyebrows waxed and it was okay, but the next day I realized I had some kind of allergic reaction. It was horrible! After a couple of days the redness and hives went away. I never had my eyebrows waxed again. Most drugstores offer some do it your self-packages, which they have the spreadable wax with the strips included or the ready-made strips. Quick tip, for the ladies who do not want to do this themselves, waxing service are also available at local salons. Yet again, prices may vary.

For the hairs that are not as long to get off, they can be plucked. In all honesty, solely plucking hair off anywhere generally hurts. So, I can guarantee that plucking your "little mustache" would seem extremely painful on the pain chart. Plucking is much more tedious, but precise. It is like you can pinpoint every little hair follicle.

Some permanent solutions are laser treatment or even using an epilator. Laser treatment will permanently remove the hair, but it is not cheap at all. And what is an epilator? It is a device that pulls hair straight from roots. Whatever decision you decide to go with, I hope all this help some of the caterpillar hoarders. Just kidding! Good luck, queen bees.