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The Source: Timberlands Never Fade Away

 Men's Fashion Column

By Charles Gross

A classic has returned this winter, and in this icy weather you can't go wrong rocking the classic Timberland boot.

Ever since the early '90s Timberland boots have been a staple all over the globe. From France all the way to back to the States everyone has owned and loved a pair of Timbs.

The big music stars like Kanye West and Jay-Z are known to rock them on a daily basis no matter of what the climate is. These boots have stormed back in men’s fashion, but did they ever go away?

Fashion trends tend to fade and disappear. They are hot for a couple of months and then something new comes along and replaces them. On the flip side style is eternal, and that’s just what this boot is! The Timberland boot never went way, even though it may have lost touch for a few years, but it has stuck around. The boot is now back with a passion.

Singer-songwriter-producer Pharrell Williams said he rocks the boots and here's why: “Timberland is an all-American brand focused on work, utility, and the outdoors, that managed to find a place in fashion as well."

Timberlands have forever changed the fashion industry with its versatile style. People wear them in so many ways. Whether it’s a college student looking to shape his wardrobe, a construction worker getting the job done, or a hip hop mogul courtside at a Lakers' game, the Timberland boot is in seen everywhere in many ways and colors.

Wheat Timberlands are the most popular but black, blue, and red have begun to take over by those who want a pop of color on a gray winter day.

So the next time you are looking for something that will impact your wardrobe and change the way it looks, go back to the classic.

And remember stay fresh and stay fly.