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Arts Review ‘Bowie’s Got Talent’ Kicks Off Homecoming 2014

By Zakiya Lewis

It’s homecoming ya’ll, and if you were not at the Bowie’s Got Talent show on Monday Oct. 13 then you missed out!

At 7:20 p.m., students, alumni, parents, friends and community members filled the Martin Luther King Jr. auditorium on campus. After the coronation ceremony of Miss BSU Marissa Massey 2014-2015 on Sunday, many were anticipating the next event to kick off homecoming

If you noticed that the auditorium seemed different, it was because of the two mounted flat screen television projectors that hung above the stage, giving the audience who sat at the top a clearer view of the show.

Before the show started, the audience was entertained by sophomore, DJ Jeff 2 Funny, as he kept the crowd laughing and grooving out of their seats.

The show opened with host Christian Smith, a senior, as he charismatically strolled down the steps wearing a stylish long black coat with the spotlight on him, followed by his sophisticated and spicy entourage whom he called the Got Talent Girls, who were also members of Bowie State’s own, Kush model team.

About a half hour later, the show finally began. There were 16 acts, including artist such as Brandon Gamble, Mr. Sophomore, who sang a duet with a female counterpart, Del’afrique African dance team, Kush modeling team and the Cloud Nine band, who has also performed at the Howard Theatre.

There was also a guest appearance from a singing and dancing group named Untamed, who will soon be going on tour in New York. These three young ladies rocked the stage and didn’t appear to be older than 14 years old, nonetheless the crowd was hype.

The crowd went especially wild when a surprising visit was made by Kirk Pressley, a former SGA president at BSU. It was very clear that his presence made a lasting mark on the students.

Shortly before 10 p.m., the five judges declared first-place finishers Brandon and Amaiya, who sang a duet of a Beyonce and Maxwell song mesh, and the Cloud Nine band as runners-up.

Many students said they were pleased with the show, yet a few others felt like last year’s talent show was better. But despite the mixed reviews, the show was packed with extraordinary talent.