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Let's Talk About Sex: Reality TV Star Traci Braxton Gets Real

By Christian Spencer

Spectrum Staff Writer

It was a packed room when singer and reality TV star Traci Braxton made a celebrity appearance Sept. 10 at Bowie State University to discuss her sexual experiences and give advice to young couples. Braxton held center stage as she answered an open forum of questions ranging from her relationship with her husband, Kevin Surratt, to sexually transmitted diseases.

The event also allowed students to talk about their sexual experiences, and allowed some to discuss their embarrassment associated with sex. Braxton admitted that she had multiple sex partners simultaneously before she got married. As the audience roared to her surprise, she quickly reaffirmed to the Bulldogs that, “I wasn’t a T.H.O.T.! When you’re young, you want to venture.” However, she encouraged students not to follow her lead.

The conversation later got more personal as Braxton recalled the moment she found out Surratt cheated on her. Her reaction to her unfaithful husband felt like losing a friend. In a pit of spontaneous rage, she had her revenge and slept with another man, but regretted her decision and forgave her husband. She described it as one of the most difficult things she has ever done.

Braxton went on to say that she was trouble by her insecurities, like the comparing herself to the mistress while resisting the temptation of violently punishing her straying husband. However, at the event, called “Spread the Word, Not the Virus” held in the Student Center, the two were budding alongside each other as if the incident had never happened.

Braxton told the audience that she is STD free. Hypothetically, if she ever contracted a deadly sexual disease, she said she would isolate herself from all male relationships and life a quiet life. She imagined herself crying all alone.

The singer then promoted the use of condoms or making your significant other wait for their “cookies.” In fact, she made Kevin wait for his six months before they consummated their relationship. Braxton’s revelation sparked a debate among the students over whether or not to put off sex until both partners are ready.

Braxton answered every question forthrightly that concerned the students. That is all but one question: “How big is too big?” The ambiguous question left the usually talkative Braxton dumbfounded.