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Life Coach Offers Keys to ‘Energize Your Life’

By Lina Meheux

Managing Editor

“How much fuel do you have to make the journey you would like to make?”

This provocative question took center stage during a recent talk by life coach and yogini Shola Arewa at Bowie State University.

The intuitive lecture by the internationally recognized practitioner was hosted by the Department of English and Modern Languages on Sept. 12 in an effort to help students gain insight into strategies that are effective for healthy psychological and physical living.

Stressors within the human soul, such as inner conflicts that may arise or even the emotions we emit such as aggression and rage, may be harmful to the body, mind and spirit. She constructed a method called “Energy 4 Life” to help her clients to relieve stress and free the mind of abusive movements, eating habits, thoughts and sleeping patterns.

By monitoring and measuring lifestyles such as healthy food intake (energy foods), workout sessions (energy exercise), self-appraisal (energy psychology) and meditation (energy balance) a person can become revitalized, rebalanced and relaxed, Arewa said.

Many long time admirers from college students to medical professionals attended the interactive lecture and praised Arewa for her life changing work, including Dr. Monifa Love, professor and coordinator of the creative writing program in the Department of English and Modern Languages.

Love said she has personally studied and worked with Arewa and experienced the marvels of her teachings first hand. “I first discovered Shola Arewa when I received a copy of “Opening to Spirit” about 15 years ago.  Arewa's book brought everything together for me---my yoga practice, African spirituality, the wisdom of non-Western modalities, and the meaning of the chakras” or energy centers in the body.

“I have a copy of ‘Opening to Spirit’ by my bed, a copy of ‘Energy 4 Life’ in my home office, and ‘Alchemy of Energy’ in my office at BSU,” Love added. “Working with her texts is a wonderful adventure. She continues to provide important keys to my understanding of self-mastery, peace and cultivating excellence in my work and life.”