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No Resources, No Romance? No Way!

By Chanelle Liggens

If you’ve ever watched a movie or typical American television show, there’s basically a blueprint of how a romantic date should be: flowers, dinner at a nice restaurant, the movies, and maybe dessert to top the night off. But what if you don’t have money for dinner? What if you have to pick between the movies or the flowers?

Nowadays, the price of everything is so high that you will be lucky just to fill your gas tank to halfway. Times are getting hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic date and impress that special somebody. This article is going to show you step by step how to have a romantic date on a budget. Don’t worry help is on the way!

The first step in setting up a special date is to pick the location in which you’re going to take that person. So let’s get creative! Thinking outside of the box is a for sure way to gain cool points on a romantic date. Think of an area that you know either has free places to attend or restaurant’s that aren’t high in cost. For example, downtown Washington has various museums that are inexpensive or even free. You can walk the monuments at dusk as the sun is setting, while engaging in exciting conversation, getting to know your date better. Maybe even head to a National Park or a famous landmark such as Great Falls and set up a picnic. The most romantic thing you can do for someone is put thought, time, and effort into a date with him or her.

The next step in dating on a budget is to actually have a budget. Have a set amount that you want to spend throughout the course of the night. Make sure you have a specific amount for each activity. Twenty dollars maximum for dinner, fifteen dollars is the most you want to spend for gas, ten dollars for frozen yogurt after dinner, and five dollars for a little gift, like a stuffed bear or card, something your date can remember you by. You never know, the gift you give on the first date could turn into memorabilia for your relationship. One day that person can become your future husband or wife.

Appearance is key in a key romantic date. Make sure you dress the part. Thinking of going to a nice outdoor concert? Don’t throw on the most comfortable thing you can find. Remember, your thought process going into the date is also romantic. Take time out to put your outfit together piece by piece.

The last step in having a romantic date is your attitude. A positive attitude is your best accessory. Even though you might not have all the money in world, your positivity and mindset will be crucial in setting the tone for the date. In any situation you have to make the best of it in order to have a good time. Also, honesty is key. Be honest with your date and let them know that you don’t have much, but you will make do with what you have, so that way the level of appreciation will be even higher.   

You don’t have to be the richest woman or man in the world to pull off a romantic date. Giving all of your attention, care, and showing affection on the date will be more beneficial than any dollar amount. Your date won’t sit and remember how much you spent on them, but how attentive you were, your eye contact, and the way you carried on conversation.  Having a romantic date on a budget will benefit your wallet and will earn you a second date --- if you’ve followed these steps properly.