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The Art of Sy Mohr: Shades of Humanity and Culture

By Brianna Jordan

Bowie State University’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts welcomed the legendary artist Sy Mohr who exhibited his artwork “The Art of Sy Mohr: Shades of Humanity and Culture.”

Each of his paintings, which are on display in Bowie State’s Gallery through Oct. 20, are definitely heartfelt and vibrant. Many, if not all of these paintings, were extremely vivid, intricate, and colorful. Mohr’s paintings each individually tell a story about life --- whether the painting is realistic, abstract or nonobjective.

Mohr, who was dressed for the occasion in all black attire, was not only surrounded by Bowie State students and staff, but also his family, friends, local fans and even faculty members from other local galleries.

Akeem Adams, a junior at Bowie State majoring in musical theater with a minor in vocal performance, proudly gave his opinion on Mohr and Mohr’s artwork. “My favorite part [of the night] was the recognition of Mr. Sy Mohr,” Adams said. “His artwork over the years has always had individual messages as far as world peace, world hunger, unity, and they basically send different messages. There are different messages in each line of artwork that he did.”

Prior to The Art of Sy Mohr: Shades of Humanity and Culture reception on Oct. 2, Adams was already familiar with Mohr. “I spoke with him a few times and during our conversations he would often bring his collection of artwork. [As] I was looking through those [artworks] they were pretty unique. For a while he [Mohr] was trying to get his artwork into this building actually. And we’ve been in this building for two years and so it’s amazing and it’s gratifying to see his work is finally being published in an arena where there are so many artists and so many ideas floating around.”