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The Bucket Hat is Always in Season

By Charles Gross

Bucket hats have become a brand new staple in everyday fashion. All around campus you can catch someone rocking one and this trend in hats has changed summer and fall fashion. What started off as a hat being worn by fishermen and farmers in Ireland is now being worn by rappers and students across the country.

The most influential rapper to push this trend is none other than School Boy Q. What started out as favorite hat for the L.A. rapper became a worldwide trend. Artists like Chris Brown, Pharell, and Rihanna have joined in on the hat craze.

The bucket hat is a cool and great look to add to your fashion style. These hats now come in thousands of different colors and shapes. In almost any urban store, these hats are always in stock. Great online stores to find an amazing array of bucket hats are,, and They offer a wide variety of hats that are sure to fit any style you are going for.

When you need a hat to shield you from the sun's rays, pick up a bucket hat. It is sure to protect you from those rays while at the same time turn heads of passersby. And if you’re looking for something to upgrade your style for the fall months, the bucket hat can ward off the chill, too.