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Sports Commentary: Louisville Cardinals, Smoke and Mirrors

By Tevin Hayles

The University of Louisville basketball team and its coach came under fire recently with allegations of female escorts having performed sexual acts on its players and potential recruits at parties for money. These accusations were fueled when Katina Powell was interviewed by ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.” Powell alleged that the team’s former assistant coach Andre McGee paid for Powell’s services along with other women who came to the parties.

“Andre would come to me and tell me what girl the recruit wanted” Powell told ESPN. “I would tell the girl and she would say her price… and he and the recruit would do what they did behind closed doors.”

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino has denied these claims, saying “it doesn’t make sense.” Asked if Pitino knew of the sexual acts being performed, Powell told the sports television network, “Rick knows everything.”

These allegations are serious and can bring great damage to any reputation. It’s hard to believe anyone at this point. Other than Powell’s book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen” that details the exploits on the Louisville campus, Powell has no tangible proof that sexual relations occurred between the escorts and team members.

The only person who could refute Powell’s claims is McGee. However, he has chosen not to comment on the matter. This whole escort ordeal is all smoke and mirrors with Powell being the lead magician. Anyone can make claims in order to win a good sum of money and/or to defame the character of a person or company. It is amazing what lengths someone would go to earn a few dollars. Let’s see what else will be said as the investigation is still ongoing.