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The Return of the Starter Jacket

By Charles Gross

Starter jackets are one of the most memorable fads of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Images of Spud Webb’s Atlanta Hawks and Ice Cube’s Raiders jacket come to mind when people think of amazing Starter jackets.

The old school fad has made a huge comeback and is now seen as huge staple in streetwear in the 21st century. The brand themselves have even decided to add new twist and looks to the classic design which make them standout like never before.

New age rap stars Big Sean and Chris Brown along with NBA star Kevin Love have been major catalyst in bring the classic jacket back to stardom. These jackets are now featured for almost every professional sport team and with bright vibrant colors. Starter Jackets make your streetwear standout above the crowd that will have people turning heads.

This timeless classic is now here to stay and be worn throughout the year. It is a huge Bulldog favorite for many students at Bowie State University and the jackets have been spotted on campus throughout the year. They are fit to complement each person’s style and upgrade it to a new level. Check out the link to view the return of Starter Jackets and rock yours with ‘90s style pride!