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Walk on the Wild Side with Snow Bear Outfitters

By Charles Gross

New amazing clothing brands are formed everyday. Some fail but others rise to the occasion and create greatness that uplifts the fashion industry.

A few environmentally minded students who loved polar bears wanted to find a way to protect these beloved creatures for years to come. Money for research on how to save these elegant creatures had to be generated and they formed the idea of selling T-shirts. Never in their wildest dreams did they believe that it would become a popular clothing brand and become a hit on several college campuses.

Snow Bear Outfitters stands out for their classic pocket T-shirts and their reasons for creating the brand. With each shirt they sell, they give 10 percent of the profits to Polar Bears International to help fund research to find ways to save the polar bears.

Each shirt is a pocket T-shirt that features the letters SBO on the pocket of the front of the shirt. Along the back features a sketch of a polar bear with the words “Snow Bear Outfitters” on the back. These shirts come in many different colors and are unisex, making the shirts beloved my men and women.

This amazing brand is what fashion is all about. Snow Bear Outfitters created an innovative fun design that also fights for an amazing cause. Check out their story and their collection of shirts on their website