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Congressman Steny Hoyer Meets Spectrum Reporters

By Adrienne Yancey

Spectrum Managing Editor

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) invited student reporters from colleges and universities in the Fifth Congressional District to join him recently at 4201 Northview Drive for a press roundtable to discuss issues of local, state, and national importance.

Attendees included student reporters from Bowie State University, Prince George's Community College and the University of Maryland.

Bowie State University Spectrum reporters, Adrienne Yancey and Crystal Lambert engaged Congressman Hoyer on a number of topics concerning student loan debt, recreation, addiction, health, trade, education and foreign affairs during the one-hour session on March 28.

Yancey asked, “In regards to the DMV Metropolitan area, how can there be a bridge between formed between local HBCU’s and their students when recruiting for corporate positions within DC in all fields of study, including state departments (agriculture, defense), media conglomerates (ABC, CBS, NBC) and commercial brands (fashion, marketing, merchandising)?”

Hoyer expressed gratitude toward HBCUs nationally. “When we were in charge we put a substantial amount of new money in for HBCUs. HBCUs are critically important because they educate such a large proportion of African American scholars. Investing in HBCUs is important. HBCUs vigorously reaching out to corporations and corporations responding: it's a two-way street.”

Lambert, a BSU Spectrum reporter and health and wellness blogger, addressed concerns regarding health education.

“As a health and wellness blogger, I'd like to know what you're doing to insure students are knowledgeable about physical and mental health and insure that they have access to health and wellness resources on campus,” Lambert said.

“Your generation is so far ahead of my generation in terms of information. You've all got your laptops and you have your computers...or your phone. On the other hand, schools need to also take responsibility … because students live in close proximity to each other. So, schools have a vested interest in informing their students on how to stay healthy,” Hoyer responded.

The congressman meets with student journalists on a regular basis to discuss issues of the day, according to a Hoyer spokeswoman.