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SGA Candidates Offer Vision for Future

By Jalen Morgan

Spectrum Staff Writer

Shannon Dotson better known as “Dot” around campus is a rising senior criminal justice major and is running for the position of SGA President for the 2016-2017 academic school year. His running mate, Ryan Washington, is a rising junior history and government double major and a student athlete at our school.

With both men previously serving as presidents of their respective classes, both of them are involved on campus and feel that they can fulfill their duties as SGA president and vice president to the best of its ability.

Currently, Dotson serves as senate member-at-large for the 2015-2016 school year, while Ryan is a resident assistant in Holmes Hall.

Though they are running unopposed, these student leaders are still campaigning rigorously. Some of their campaign stops have included serving Rita’s ice in the café and chatting with students on campus. Because they still have to achieve a majority of the vote, the pair are not exactly shoe-ins for their positions, yet these men likely will the student body’s next SGA president and vice president.

The Spectrum had the opportunity to interview these two men to get their opinions on the current campaign and their plans for the future.

The Spectrum: What influenced the both of you to run for the positions of SGA president and vice president?

Shannon Dotson: What mainly influenced me was the need and demands of the students. I really think the students need a change, and ever since my freshman year I’ve been involved in SGA. So I felt that this was the perfect time.

Ryan Washington: I think it is time to find a new experience at BSU, to actually see things get done and see things get changed. The main thing really is to give the students what they want and need.

The Spectrum: What platform are you running on?

SD: Our platform is “Future” a new experience at BSU.

The Spectrum: Can you elaborate on that?

RW: With this new experience at BSU, we are going to focus on four major things: food, housing, public safety and financial aid.

The Spectrum: This question is for the both of you. What is the biggest issue you guys would like to conquer during your term if you happen to win the election?

RW: My biggest thing would have to be addressing the housing on campus. Many residents live in subpar conditions. I can say for instance with me being a resident assistant in Holmes Hall and all male freshmen dorm and some of the rooms are just below standards there are holes in the walls, wires hanging from the ceiling, there’s just a lot of things that need to be addressed so that we can reach a proper solution.

SD: Mine would be the financial aid. Actually, getting refund checks on time, helping them find loans, and just overall making them more financial literate.

The Spectrum: Is there anything you want to tell the students as their prospective elected student leaders?

SD: I would like to say thank you for this opportunity and we will hold these positions to the best of our abilities.

RW: As your soon-to-be elected leaders, I would like to let you know we’ll always be available and always be around talking to you guys so please reach out to us because that is our job.