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BSU Launches First Hip-Hop Minor in Maryland

By Malika Strong

Spectrum Staff Writer

Bowie State University now offers the first hip-hop studies minor in Maryland. Hip-hop is a form of dance that incorporates different techniques, such as break dancing, emceeing, rapping, and turntablism. Hip-Hop is a form of free expression and creativity.

“By understanding hip-hop and the possibilities of incorporating it into education for the youth inside and outside of the classroom, the potential to create positive change is boundless”, said Amber Mathews, a BSU student. The style of hip-hop dance is a form of expression that is constantly evolving and growing because of its own uniqueness.

“Hip-hop studies can complement any existing area of study from education to marketing to technology or cultural studies," said Prof. Tewodross Melchishua, who created the minor at Bowie State. "Hip- Hop is universal – it brings together a lot of diverse people from around the world.”

Although Bowie State honors the importance of dance movement, the Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers only five dance courses: ballet technique, modern dance, jazz technique, tap dance technique and choreography. 

Dance is a beautiful form of emotion, individuality, and creation design with one’s body, dance students said. Dance is appreciated by many because of the sense of freedom and expression that it provides.