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It's Kinda Nazty!

By Charles Gross

Spectrum Staff Writer

Clothing companies are created everyday: most of them climb the charts and become widely successful, burn down, and fall back to the exact spot where they started from. Surprisingly, a clothing company started at an HBCU is rising and becoming popular on many college campuses.

Nazty INC. started as simple design from a student who wanted people to be happy being themselves. His modern street wear ideas started from wanting to channel is own inner potential. That idea started a trend and students on campuses along the East Coast bought into his idea of being nazty. Students understand his idea and knew that his clothing speaks loudly. People turn their heads with confused looks wondering why students are wearing hats saying “nazty”?

The Nazty line features a wide variety of T-shirts and hats that are perfect for summer as well as cold nights. Most importantly, the quiet storm caps have become a hit and have everyone clamoring to have one. The successful caps feature a classic black with white lettering and the new purple version with light purple lettering. Check out the collection online and channel your own inner nazty.